Don’t take my word that Collaborative Process is often more satisfying to families. Check out this recent USA Today article at

One of the lawyers interviewed for the article said, “Instead of being litigators, you’re more like a transactional lawyer, lawyers who do business deals,” Kuhn said. Litigators assume that people need someone else to make decisions about the family. But is that logical? Is there anything about a divorce that says you have to turn over the details of parenting your children, supporting them, and your personal financial situation to someone else? Someone who wears a robe and might have a political science or history degree?

I don’t think so. Frankly most of my divorcing clients are adults! They don’t need someone else controlling their lives. But they do need help and guidance in disentangling their finances and structuring parenting time. Collaborative process provides that assistance. For those who either want someone else to make the decision, or who are married to someone who does, then the litigation process is there for you. But you might want to learn more about ways to do it with dignity and respect and self-control.

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