Since 2014, Deborah has served on the Hospice at Home Board. A year later she was asked to serve on the Governance Board. It is a thoroughly rewarding privilege for Deborah to serve this organization of highly dedicated, caring people. At most board meetings, members of the team are introduced to us from physicians to clergy to social workers to hands-on caregivers. To a person, each has spoken about the incredible honor they feel as they serve clients and share that working at Hospice at Home is far more than just a job. For Deborah, it’s been far more than just a board to serve on as well. It’s meaningful to be a small part of making this incredible organization available to our community. You can find out more about Hospice at Home at


When should you consider Hospice at Home?

When you no longer want to pursue curative treatment to prolong life. That doesn’t mean you’re giving up hope. Rather, it’s a choice to proactively pursue what it means to be alive and make each day count.

A criminal history should not keep people from growing into valued members of the12813956_1152409568125796_4455659471370399629_n community. The expungement process can be an important tool when seeking self-respect and a realization that you are a valued member of the local community. The quest for self-fulfillment often starts with gainful employment. Being able to honestly check the “no criminal conviction” box on a job application is a wonderful aspect of a successful expungement.

The expungement process allows those with a limited criminal background to have a conviction expunged from their record. There are limitations on who qualifies, but anyone interested in seeking a brighter post-conviction future should ask an attorney about the process.

Berecz & Associates is always on a mission to preserve dignity and give back to the community we call home. Getting people on an optimistic path after a brush with the law is why one of our attorneys, recently volunteered at an Expungement Fair in Benton Harbor. Please click the link for a story featured on the State Bar of Michigan’s Website:

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