Two beliefs underscore this newsletter:

1. If we expect people to perform well—they will.
2. We all need someone calling us to perform well.
Okay three:
3. Conflict is a catalyst not to be avoided but engaged.

Whether you are a businessperson, a spouse considering divorce, a Collaborative professional learning a new paradigm, a parent with challenges (is there another kind?) you are in conflict with someone somewhere about something.

There’s a way to engage Conflict as Catalyst™ with the expectation that good will result.

This newsletter invites you to a dialogue. You may be a friend, businessperson, colleague or someone we admire—or all of these! Every so often this newsletter will share some thoughts and we look forward to you adding your wisdom to the dialogue. 

Welcome! We look forward to engaging with you, perhaps even being in conflict with you on some topics, and using that as a catalyst with good expectations.

Wishing you wisdom,