People often ask how they can save money on their divorce. This month’s newsletter provides some tips for keeping expenses to a minimum.

1. Use as much lawyer as you need— not more and not less. If you have no children and no property, you may be able to use a DIY process and simply have an attorney review your judgment before submitting it to the court. Or you may need a consulting attorney to guide you from the beginning as you represent yourself. Mediation may be sufficient. Conversely, a collaborative attorney or a litigator may be what’s required. Consult right away with an attorney who is willing to explore each tier of assistance and will look for the minimum necessary for your needs.

2. Pull the paperwork. If you would like a list of documents you need to assemble in for a divorce, click here.

3. Don’t act out. If you transfer all funds out of your joint account you have just booked an appointment for your spouse with a litigator. And the judge won’t be pleased. Stay calm. Do right. It saves you an expensive battle.

4. Don’t think about custody. That’s just a label. Get out a blank calendar and ask, when should the kids be with mom? When should they be with dad? Unless there is abuse or neglect, they will see you both. Do it in pencil. Be flexible.

5. Prepare a realistic budget. Don’t inflate it and don’t cut yourself short. It’s going to be hard to support two homes on what used to support one. For a budget form that works well for divorcing spouses, click here.

We hope these tips help. If you’d like more information please call us at 1-800-252-6340.

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