Collaborative Divorce

You may be keenly interested in developing your own settlement terms and want to leave the court out of it. Collaborative law allows just that. The new process isn’t for everyone. Click below to learn if you are a good candidate.

Property Division

Who’s going to keep the house? Do retirement plans get divided in divorce? Does the cottage have to be sold? Particularly if you own a business, it’s important to make wise decisions about property since the impact will last well into the future.

Traditional Divorce

Mediation or collaborative law not for you? If you need a lawyer to ensure that you are not taken advantage of and your rights are protected, click below to learn more about how our firm does traditional litigation with a twist.

Child & Spousal Support

Worried about how you will survive financially? How much support will you pay or receive? Get answers about how if may affect you from an experienced attorney.

Divorce Mediation

You might be able to work with your partner to develop a settlement. If you aren’t sure how, a mediator can assist you to understand the issues and develop a solid agreement. Click below to evaluate whether mediation could work for you.


Divorce, Adoption and More

The landscape has changed, how does it affect you? The consequences of failing to plan can be profound. Get answers from an experienced attorney that cares.

DIY Divorce

Do It Yourself Divorce

Looking to do it on your own, but feeling confused and overwhelmed? A guide to help you navigate your divorce may be all you need. (Coming Soon)


We have helped hundreds of parents navigate the adoption process. Whether you are placing or adopting a baby, adopting a child for whom you’ve been guardian, or are a stepparent who is parenting, we love helping you become family!

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