This Easter weekend I said my final goodbyes to my friend, Gloria Hippler. During her memorial service I spoke of the great gift of her friendship. We’d raised sons in the same class with one another and they still remain good friends today. But unlike friends who fade after you no longer have young children the same age, my friendship with Gay, as she was fittingly known, was a keeper. She was slightly zany at times having shown up at my house one evening for dinner in her pajamas and big fuzzy slippers! Hey, how can you get more comfortable than that?! And it was always comfortable being with her–and her laugh, for they always came together. She was impish enough to take some joy in introducing herself by saying, “Hi. I’m Gay” and watching the reaction.  My friend did me one great disservice however and that was introducing me to Starbucks’ dark chocolate graham crackers. I told her I’d never forgive her. But I’ve changed my mind.

Over the years I’ve prepared numerous Health Care Powers of Attorneys–that document that states your transition wishes and designates someone to make health care decisions if you can’t. It’s a gloria hipplerdocument that deserves careful thought but frankly, it’s routine in any estate plan. But for the first time I experienced how critical they are for a family. I was at Gay’s house two nights before she died and her daughter and husband brought out the document that my office had prepared for Gay a long time ago. We talked about its terms and what it meant if she needed to go to the hospital and whether Hospice at Home’s form was needed in addition and a number of other questions. What a comfort it was to know exactly what Gay wanted during days filled with turmoil and decisions and arrangements. I saw them breathe a sigh of relief. Check. That one’s done.

It was a parting gift from Gloria that I want to share with everyone: the knowledge that a Health Care Power of Attorney is so much more than a routine document. I knew that only from a legal perspective before but being with Gay’s family those final days made it personal.

So in memory of Gloria, Berecz & Associates, PLC is announcing the “Gloria’s Gift Program.” During the Spring of each year, we’ll provide at no charge to anyone a Health Care Power of Attorney. For this year, we’ll start scheduling appointments in June to review your wishes to make sure the document speaks for you if it’s ever needed, draft the document, ensure that it’s properly signed, and deliver it to you free. You only have to call and ask for Gloria’s Gift.

Gloria was 58 when the gift of her ready smile and hearty laugh was taken from us. Please, don’t put this off. Give your family the gift that Gay gave hers and take a few moments to do this one thing. Call for free Gloria’s Gift today.

Wishing you wisdom,



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