A year ago this week, we were packing up 15 1/2 years of being in one office and moving into our new digs for our St. Joseph location. It was a crazy time. Everything felt up in the air and Kathy, Meghan and I were all a bit discombobulated and exhausted. Fast forward one year and today we’ve found our footing. Settled into our new life and space, and we’re humming along.

Today I received news that a colleague I treasure will be moving from the area in a couple years. What? I work with this person in many of my collaborative cases and rely on the wisdom shared in every case. Today I also attended the funeral of a friend who lost her 2-year battle with cancer at age 49. I’ll never forget the image of her three brave and broken-hearted children standing at the podium of a packed church, reading the children’s book their mother had read to them so many times. I remember sitting with their mother at the county fair last summer, talking about how little we know about the challenges we’ll face in our lifetimes.

While change often involves loss, it is not only that. A closed door by definition pushes us down the hall toward an open door. We may wander around the hall for awhile but with time, we adjust. We explore the new rooms and the new relationships to be found in them. We settle into a new normal, and the lights come on again in our world.

If you are facing an unexpected loss or change or move in your life, remember, the craziness passes! That’s what the photos here say to me every time I look at them!

Wishing you wisdom,



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  1. Andriy K 10 years ago

    congrats on your anniversary !

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