His first deer trap–and his first (and only) foray into crime!

You may want to save some money and DIY your divorce, prenuptial agreement, or will. Maybe you think, if there isn’t a conflict, bringing lawyers into it will just be a waste of time and money. But even if you don’t hire a lawyer to stand beside you every step of the way, getting legal advice before you head to the court house is a wise investment, helping you see legal snares hidden on the path ahead.


He returned from the Colorado dude ranch jacked up on everything survival. And who wouldn’t be if your instructor was Dylan McWilliams, the 20-year old survivalist who’s been bitten by a rattlesnake, a bear and a shark–surviving all three attacks?

So 10-year old Andrew wanted nothing more than to set up a deer trap in the woods behind our house, just like Dylan taught him, with his brand new hatchet, paracord and a sapling. I proudly posted his skills on Facebook only to be sent a message by a friend and former client, also an outdoor expert, telling me that you need a license in Michigan to trap deer–even if you’re a kid, on your grandparent’s property, with little likelihood of success. (I love it when former clients give me legal advice!) I looked up the regulation. My friend was right. Down came the trap and the Facebook post!

Expert advice is needed to build a fire–and get a divorce or prepare a will!

Expert Legal Advice Helps You Avoid Snares in Your Divorce or Estate Planning

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. It didn’t occur to me, a lawyer, that tromping around in the woods with my 10-year old grandson would be a subject of state regulation.

Hopefully, if you are getting divorced, or preparing a prenuptial agreement or a will, you know without a doubt that legal ramifications abound. Even if you do plan to get forms and “do it yourself”, be wise enough to review your ideas and your documents with an attorney as you go. Some of us are quite willing to support people and provide some guidance to those who want to be survivalists in this legal tundra.

Even Dylan McWilliams relied on advice from his grandfather and other experts as he developed his skills. While your life might not be at stake, the things most important to you could be: your kids, your income and your property. Don’t waste those priorities by failing to invest in good legal counsel. .


Wishing you wisdom,

Deborah Bennet Berecz



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