I’ve known in my bones the Big Five Values that drive every decision we make at our firm. Why had I not put it to paper before? When I sat down to finally do so, it literally took me about 15 minutes because they were that crystal clear to me. None were a surprise to my team when shared at our team retreat last week because we think about these values when faced with all the many small and impactful decisions we are called upon to make every day. Without guiding values and principles, it would be easy to lose our way as we strive to serve clients and families. This month, we want to share the values that define who we are with you.

Statement of Values for Berecz & Associates, PLC

  • We believe that family relationships continue after a divorce or other legal transition. We value being a positive influence for reconfigured families to live in happiness and peace.
  • We believe people deserve to know and understand the many options available to address legal issues. We value providing fair and vigorous advancement of our clients’ interests through each of those options.
  • We believe that divorce and estate planning can be processed with dignity and respect.
  • We value the privilege and responsibility of guiding our clients through difficult legal journeys and commit to remaining mindful of the stress that accompanies those journeys.
  • We value positive relationships within our firm family and commit to assuming the best of one another and to being open, honest and supportive.

Mostly, it boils down to this: we value making a difference for families.

Wishing all of us wisdom,



Deborah Bennett Berecz


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