Sometimes you just have to shake it up! My St. Joseph office has witnessed a rewarding partnership with my friend, Marilyn Klawiter, collaborating with John Smietanka and Anne Buckleitner as we shared space (and Christmas parties!) in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids, and subleasing to Margo Runkle. I’ve had the privilege of working with two incredible assistants over 16 years, Lisa Engelkemier and Kathy Hickman. And last June, an amazing young woman and attorney, Meghan Lipford joined our firm. And while I’ve enjoyed our location in South St. Joe, we’ve outgrown our walls and moved downtown!

The Box Factory for the Arts on Broad Street was built in 1903 and was literally a box factory! It made specialty boxes like heart shaped candy boxes for Valentine’s Day and gift boxes for jewelry. Today it houses an art gallery and studios for numerous artists. It was built at a time when interior brick walls, wood floors, and lots of windows were the norm. Last fall Whirlpool moved out of the third floor and it was converted to individual offices. One day Marilyn stopped in and told me the space was available and we went to look at it that very day. I was hooked and said, “Tell me where to sign!”

Things move more slowly than one thinks but on February 27th we loaded up and moved in. Give us a little while to settle in and we’ll invite you to an open house in the spring.

I work every day with people in the midst of change. Like my clients facing separation and divorce or planning wills and trusts, or adopting a baby, this project has been overwhelming, full of decisions I’d never thought about (placement of walls, custom-built reception desk, and who knew there were so many shades of grey? Paint that is!) Like my clients, I’ve had the choice to experience this change as both overwhelming and energizing. Most of the time I’ve chosen energizing and look forward to the relationships we’ll form and the fresh new place in which we’ll spend our time. Meghan, Kathy and I wish you all the same perspective in whatever change you might be facing and look forward to working with you in the future at our same Grand Rapids area location on Chicago Drive or at “The Box” in St. Joe.

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