The New York Times reported today that the “National Hockey League and the players union met with federal mediators, NOT WITH EACH OTHER, in the latest round of negotiations.” It goes on to say that apparently no progress was made. What a surprise.

A frequent complaint of those who have used the adversarial litigation system is that they felt left out. Attorneys were exchanging letters (and blaming one another for delays), going back to the judge’s chambers to talk settlement, and the parties themselves didn’t really know what was going on. It’s one of the reasons why Collaborative law and Mediation appeal to more and more people. Why? Unlike the NHL and the players union, in family mediation and Collaborative process, you, the person whose life is most affected by the decisions, are at the table, fully participating in the discussions and nuances that shape a settlement.

It may be harder work but no one stands to benefit more than you–who helped to shape the settlement and who will live with the consequences. You deserve to be at the table.

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