Better known as "Traditional Divorce."

The use of a lawyer to ensure that you are not taken advantage of, and your rights are protected. Traditional divorce can include written interrogations, subpoenas, and depositions of the spouses and other parties to gather information.  Decisions are by a third party (judge).  This process can be overwhelming and intimidating, but we can help alleviate your anxiety and protect your interests.

Participating in a trial is one of the biggest fears people have when going through a divorce. However, we have handled numerous trials and will assist you at every step along the way. Further, in Michigan, statistics show that only 2% of cases go to trial. The rest settle before the final hearing date. 

Steps to a Litigated Divorce

How We Can Help!

Our office offers different levels of representation based on your needs.
  1. Attorney of Record: This means that we would handle all court appearances and process all paperwork throughout the divorce.
  1. Consulting Attorney: In this role, we will guide you through the process, but you are formally representing yourself. We will tell you what paperwork needs to be filed when, and answer procedural questions you may have. We will also advise you on how the law applies to your case.
  1. Mediation Counsel:  Advising you of what to expect, and developing a settlement proposal that fits your needs. You can consult with us following mediation or in between sessions about any questions you may have.
  2. Document Drafter:  You can retain us simply to draft the paperwork necessary to complete your divorce. Only if you are able to reach a full agreement with your spouse and do not need the aid of an attorney to negotiate that agreement.
A lawyer may only represent one spouse in a divorce and is ethically precluded from representing you both.

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