Client Information Questionnaire

Complete a Client Information Questionnaire and return to us to draft the documents needed to file for divorce. We’ll get in touch to make sure we know your goals (house, kids, support etc.), prepare the documents, email to you, and schedule a web conference to review each and answer all questions.

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What process is best for you?

If you are unsure whether a traditional court-managed divorce litigation, mediation or collaborative law is right for you, schedule a web meeting with one of our attorneys to help you choose the best approach for you and your family. You don’t have to do anything now but at least you’ll know which road to be on once you’re ready to drive forward toward your goals. Click here and we will send you a couple options for appointments and a link to connect via video.

Click here and we ll send you more options.

If you want to do nothing now.

If you need to take a pause but want to be fully ready to move forward quickly when normal returns, began gathering information and documents about assets and debts which either you or your spouse own or owe, together or separately. Click below for a downloadable pdf to get you started.

Taking a pause? No problem click here.

Ready to meet?

If you are ready to meet for a mediation or collaborative session
Click below and we will be in touch to schedule a meeting right away.

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Questions? Just give us a call.

You’ll talk to a human as always! In the St. Joseph area: 269-428-3447 and in the greater Grand Rapids area: 616-466-4131.

Sometimes just knowing you’re making progress toward creating your new life can make today more tolerable. We look forward to hearing from you.

Take good care, 
Deborah and all of us at Berecz & Associates, PLC

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